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Surgeon Experience

Sahlgrenska University Hospital

QuoteI have used the mdesk system in every hip replacement operation during the past two years. I found mdesk exceptionally easy to use, and it offers many measurement options for both preoperative and postoperative images. It also gives me that added measure of assurance and safety in advance of every hip replacement operation, since I know more about component morphology and size, the osteotomy level, adjusting for the leg length discrepancy, and the risk for complications. You are never too experienced to benefit from preoperative planning."

Dr Georgios Digas, MD PhD, Orthopedic Consultant Surgeon at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden

Malmö University Hospital

Quotemdesk is a fast, efficient program for preoperative planning of hip replacement surgery, and learning to use mdesk is easy. During installation, RSA Biomedical was helpful and meticulous about assuring that mdesk configured well with our existing healthcare information system."

Dr Lennart Sanzén, MD PhD, Associate Professor and Orthopedic Consultant Surgeon at Malmö University Hospital, Sweden

Quotemdesk has a very easy-to-use and modern interface together with functions we have been missing with our previous system. The system comes with an easily administrated library of templates as well as an excellent support and service agreement."

Dr Normann Lichtenberg, MD, Orthopedic Consultant Surgeon at Stavanger University Hospital, Norway

Ullevål University Hospital

Quote mdesk is a powerful system with many useful functions and features combined with a wide selection of templates. The possibility to install mdesk on any number of PC’s, and not being restricted to separate workstations, enables me to plan surgeries in my office, at the clinic, and even in the operating theatre. RSA Biomedical listens to us, the orthopedic surgeons, and encourages feedback on all of their products."

Dr Stephan Röhrl, MD PhD, Orthopedic Surgeon at Ullevål University Hospital, Norway

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