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Excellence in Digital Orthopedic Measurements


High precision three-dimensional measurement in vivo

knee operation


RSA® Complete System

RSA Biomedical delivers the complete system of software and hardware to perform RSA® studies.

The RSA® Complete System consists of:


RSA® Software v. 6.0:

This system provides everything you need to perform RSA® studies.

RSA® Start-up Kit

RSA Biomedical offers a complete set of hardware to produce RSA® data.

The RSA® Start-up Kit includes:

This is the hardware you need to start using the RSA® method. As you gain experience you can upgrade to the RSA® Complete System, which includes the analysis software.

The Start-up Kit allows customers to start using the RSA® method without purchasing the complete system. Orthopedic surgeons insert the Tantalum Markers, and the hospital provides stereoradiographic examinations. Radiographs can then be sent to an RSA® measurement and analysis center to generate the basic data for the study. RSA Biomedical offers measurement and analysis services, or can help you contact other RSA® measurement and analysis centers.

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