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Excellence in Digital Orthopedic Measurements


High precision three-dimensional measurement in vivo

knee operation

RSA® Software

The RSA® Software is the complete software system needed to analyze RSA® data. Based on more than a decade of research and proven experience, the RSA® Software, constitutes the state-of-the art in RSA® technology. 3D motion in vivo can be calculated, illustrated, and analyzed efficiently. The system integrates seamlessly with existing analogue or digital x-ray image archiving systems, regardless of vendor.

RSA® Software is Windows® based and consists of the following modules: RSA® Digital Measure™, RSA® Analysis™, RSA® DICOM Link™.

RSA® Digital Measure™

The RSA® Digital Measure module includes several innovative features that widen the applications of RSA®. First and foremost, markerless measurement of hemispheric implants, e.g. acetabular cups, greatly extends the potential for research studies and clinical follow-up of patients. New and improved mathematical algorithms yield higher precision than ever. New functions enable faster measurement.

Markerless measurement of hemispherical acetabular cups.

  • No cup modifications necessary.
  • Maintained precision compared to marked cups.
  • Wear measurements without bone markers.

RSA® Analysis™

RSA Analysis™ uses the measurement data to calculate and graphically illustrate motion, wear, growth, kinematics, and other parameters with micrometric accuracy. The database solution included in RSA® Analysis™ allows you to efficiently manage measured data, study-related information, planned follow-ups, patient information, and other data.

Features in RSA® Analysis™

  • Visual feedback of trends in rotation and translations.
  • Simplified detection and location of study errors.
  • Customizable data export for statistical analysis.
  • Simplified detection and correction of errors in study data.


RSA® DICOM Link™ is a crucial part of an RSA® system for users with digital x-ray image archives (PACS). The RSA® DICOM Link™ module seamlessly connects the RSA® Software system to PACS systems, regardless of PACS vendor. Images can easily be searched and retrieved from the PACS, or sent from the PACS to the RSA® DICOM Server included in the DICOM Link module.

  • Seamless PACS connectivity, regardless of PACS vendor
  • Efficient archiving and management of digital medical images
  • Importing of DICOM images

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